The Streaming Video Datatecture

A deep look into the data ecosystem of streaming video

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Read about the different levels of the datatecture and how they all fit together to create the data fabric of streaming video.

Breaking down the

Streaming Video Datatecture


This portion of the datatecture represents companies who offer services and technologies that are fundamental to streaming activities such as IaaS, compute resources, databases, and storage.


This portion of the datatecture represents companies who largely provide services to collect, analyze, and visualize data from within the streaming technology stack and user engagement with the content.


This portion of the datatecture represents companies and technologies that are core to the very business of streaming encompassing everything from encoding and content transformation to delivery and monetization.

Spotlight Datatecture Category

Geo IP

Geographic location data about viewers is critical to the operation of a global streaming platform. The companies in this group of the datatecture provide services which enable streaming operators to understand viewer location. This data can be used for both security purposes, such as restricting access to content in certain geographies, or for marketing purposes, such as to target specific geographies with certain content or campaigns.


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The Streaming Video Datatecture and microsite provide free and educational compilations of all of the companies and services involved in the streaming video industry. It provides a deep look into the ecosystem and layout, and explains the technologies that power video streaming. Created by Datazoom, the enterprise video data platform technology company, the goal is to help content owners, technology and service providers, investors, and other stakeholders better understand the data, systems, and leveled architecture that come together to create the data fabric of streaming video.

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