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Is Your Company Missing From One or More Datatecture Categories?

The streaming industry is a big place. There are a myriad of vendors, across a broad range of technology categories, which offer products and services to help monitor streaming video, convert video from one format to another, secure video streams, manage customer data, store segmented streaming objects, and more. But there’s no way we could have included everyone. That’s why we’ve created this application process. Simply fill out the application, select a category, and indicate your product information. This isn’t a competition, though. We don’t exclude one company to include another. All relevant companies, with applicable products or solutions in a category, will be included.

If you have a product or solution being used in streaming operations, the workflow, or streaming infrastructure, you need to be in the datatecture.

If you have a product or solution being used in streaming operations, workflow, or infrastructure, you need to be in the datatecture.


Should your company be included in a streaming video datatecture? Fill out the application below and specify which category in which you think your company should be included as well as why (i.e., the name of your product/solution and the URL with information about it). A Datazoom representative will review your submission and reach out if additional information is required.

Tell us why the products you've mentioned belong in the categories you've selected.

Note: If you feel that your company should be listed in other categories (with supporting products or solutions), please feel free to submit this application for each product which should be included.

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The Datazoom Datatecture for Streaming Video and microsite provide free and educational compilations of all of the companies and services involved in the streaming video industry. It provides a deep look into the ecosystem and layout, and explains the technologies that power video streaming. Created by Datazoom, the enterprise video data platform technology company, the goal is to help content owners, technology and service providers, investors, and other stakeholders better understand the data, systems, and leveled architecture that come together to create the data fabric of streaming video.

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