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The Streaming Video Datatecture and microsite provide free and educational compilations of all of the companies and services involved in the streaming video industry. It provides a deep look into the ecosystem and layout, and explains the technologies that power video streaming. Created by Datazoom, the enterprise video data platform technology company, the goal is to help content owners, technology and service providers, investors, and other stakeholders better understand the data, systems, and leveled architecture that come together to create the data fabric of streaming video.

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  • Why Video Data Telemetry is Critical to DevOps Success (And How to Get It)
    by The Datazoom Team

    DevOps has been a revolution in software development. To support agile methodologies, in which developers can incrementally release features that are tested by users in real-time, developers needed to have an increasingly larger role in operationally supporting their code. Waiting for operations to make configuration changes to environments or push out new code didn’t support The post Why Video Data Telemetry is Critical to DevOps Success (And How to Get It) appeared first on Datazoom.

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