NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2021 / Datazoom, a real-time video data platform, announced the release of three new Looker Blocks for EngineeringContent, and Product Performance. Datazoom customers who are also Looker subscribers can now use one or more pre-built, out-of-the-box dashboards in Looker to easily gain a detailed understanding of audience growth and engagement, advertising, content performance, Quality of Experience (QoE), and other core KPIs specific to OTT video.

The key to ensuring the growth and quality of a streaming service is being able to derive meaningful insights and actions from data. Although the task of analyzing raw data might seem daunting, ultimately having access to the underlying raw data and queries, coupled with a prolific visualization and analytic solution, is what makes these Looker Blocks so unique. They assist in generating those contextualized insights which are paramount to a resilient service and a healthy business. These Looker Blocks can help technical operations make configuration or other changes to ensure viewers get the best viewing experience. And the Blocks can provide executives insight into the business performance of their service-from subscription levels to advertising placement to viewer engagement.

Through these new Looker Blocks, customers of both Datazoom and Looker can accelerate their understanding of critical video streaming data. For OTT streaming operators, both Datazoom and Looker can be adapted and extended to meet whatever data and analytics needs arise.

Although these Looker Blocks focus on data captured by Datazoom from the player, Looker subscribers can modify and create new dashboards to correlate data from multiple sources, such as between the player and Content Delivery Network (CDN). This process enables a more robust picture of QoE, and can result in creating an actual root-cause analysis solution. Furthermore, the data collected from delivery and player components can show desirable viewer behavior (as it relates to increasing content consumption), subscribers who exhibit that behavior, and opportunities to nudge other users in that direction.

“Data is foundational to the growth of direct-to-consumer OTT offerings,” said Anil Jain, Managing Director,Media & Entertainment, Google Cloud.”As these services undergo rapid scale and global growth, the key to increasing revenue and expanding the lifetime value of consumers is having real-time operational insights to improve the consumer experience, inform business decisions, and measure KPIs. Through platforms like Datazoom and Google Cloud’s Looker, companies can advance their data strategies, turning information into actionable insights.”

“The Datazoom platform has been built to source data from the various parts of the streaming workflow for real-time consumption, such as within these Looker Blocks,” says Diane Strutner, Datazoom CEO. “Because Datazoom captures, standardizes, and correlates data sets relevant to OTT video, solutions like Looker can be easily leveraged to provide deep and vertically-specific analytics for the OTT streaming space.”

Recently, Datazoom announced one of the industry’s first end-to-end data collection, standardization and routing services for streamingCDN log data. Beyond CDN data, Datazoom also offers a Collectors for Video Players and a Video Player Data Dictionary with over 200 standardized data points. The company has plans to announce additional integrations before the end of the year.

For more information about these Looker Blocks, visit Datazoom.

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